Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My daddy would have been 75 years old today had cancer not taken his life almost 20 years ago.  Actually it will be twenty years coming up the end of this summer.  I remember a tough man.  A man that taught me how to fish, ride a bike, play golf, smile, laugh, and maybe just a few more things, that's who Joe Alan Reynolds was.  He wasn't shy about much either.  If he was mad, you knew it.  If he was mad at you, you felt it.  But I am the man I am today 'cause of my Daddy.  I'm not going to get all drawn out and sentimental in this day's blog, I just wanted to pause from a busy day and post a birthday wish.  Not because he would read it, but because with Father's Day and my 51st birthday coming up this weekend, and having  4 kids who consider me to be their father or father figure, if they happen to read this, I want them to know...  I am the man I am today because of a lot of different people and stuff in my past, but first and foremost, because of my Daddy, Joe Alan Reynolds.  I love you Dad! 

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  1. Sweet, I love you much, and miss Dad a lot!!! More than ever on this day!!! I wish he could have seen my girls grow up to be beautiful women and to see me become an Amazing Wife, Mother and now Grandmommmy!!! i love you!!