Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cardio Check Up

Had my 6 month check up this morning at Stern Cardiovascular

I always go in thinking there's going to be something wrong. 

I checked in an took a seat in the waiting room, thinking it'd be a while before I got called back.  Barely got through the first song, Alan Jackson's "Good Times", and I got called back for my ultrasound. 

Quick instructions from the technician, remove your shirt, your undershirt and lay on the table.  Oh wow, another opportunity for something to come up and be waiting for an intermidable amount of time for someone to come back.  I layed down on my back in the sterile ultrasound room, hmmm, one of the florecents is out, the light above me is blinking; one on, two on, three on, all off; one on, two on, three on, all off; one on, two on, three on, all off; one on, two on, three on, all off; knock knock.  My technician comes back. 

She hooks me up to the heart rate monitor thing.  Squeezes out some of that really COLD gel onto the ultrasound wand, and we're off.  Look hear, measure this, "breathe in," "hold it," "blow out," "you're done."  I'm actually pleased.  Very little anxiety too.  No rechecks or "let look at this again," so that went pretty smooth.  I put my shirt back on, and she takes me upstairs to see Dr. Otten. 

Now.  Here comes the NEWS.  Good or bad.  Everytime I come here I get just a little nervous I'm going to be told something is wrong.  The anxiety creeps in just a bit.  I sit in the second waiting room.  I start to pick out a song to listen to.  But before I can even make a selection...  "Mr. Reynolds!"  Wow!  No wait here either. 

I go through the whole vitals, blood pressure, weight check thing.  Medications?  NO.  Heart pacer?  NO.  Are you still taking the same viatmin regimine?  Yes.  Ok, now we're off to the examination room for an EKG and Dr. Otten.  I mean, within 5 minutes I'm done with the EKG and Dr. Otten comes walking in.  I have had no time to be anxious or anything. 

We go through the normal pleasantries and then...  O.K... Here it comes.  ...well Andy, everything looks really great.  The improvements are still coming.  I think your heart is getting really strong.  You're good for another 6 months!! 

Whew...  I really get anxious during this little adventure.  I just thought I would share just how it goes in my head.  thanks for reading...

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