Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I have been chosen as the Weekend Warrior for a local publication, Health and Fitness.  Here are the answers to the battery of questions they asked.  Friday I go and get my picture taken...

Name:  Andy Reynolds                     

Age:  51 on June 16, 2012

Occupation:  Sr. Supply Chain Specialist @ FedEx SupplyChain

Sport:  Running & Biking (29er MTB)

Family and/or Pets:  Wife Mary, sons Thomas (22), Zachary (18), Alec (18), Daughter Brooke (21), two shy of a Brady Bunch.  Three cats, Sugar and then her two adopted rescue children, Lillie and Finch. 

List/Describe 1-2 of the Events you have competed in recently:  St Jude Children’s Research Hospital Marathon in December 2011, 2001 and 1997.  I ran the Gasparilla Distance Classic 15K on March 3, 2012 and the ½ Marathon on March 4, 2012.

 What’s your favorite fitness accomplishment:  I have run in 26 different states. I once ran in California, on the beach in Half Moon Bay, on the Pacific Ocean in the morning, and then ran on the beach in Charleston, SC that night putting my foot in the Atlantic Ocean. Hey, I thought it was kind of cool. I have run in Canada, Mexico, France, Netherlands and Spain. I have run in 48 - 5K's, 32 - 10K's, 4 half Marathons, 2 - 15 K's, and 3 Marathons (all the St. Jude here in Memphis).
Likes or Dislikes about your sport:  I like the feeling of a long run.  No matter if it’s 5, 10 or 15+ miles, it’s like Chinese food to me.  About 30 minutes after I’m done, I’m hungry to get back out on the road.
Inspiration Or Motivation:  My dad never had a conversation with his grandson’s.  I want to see mine try to keep up, (with me).  …and then pass me.
Did you overcome any obstacles, hardships (i.e. breaks, sprains, illness, tragedy etc.)  I had a Cardio Ablation in November 2009 to fix a problem where a bad signal in my heart was causing approximately 23,000 Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC’s) per day.
Are you training for an upcoming event?  The Pinhoti 100 – It’s a 100 – mile trail run in Heflin, AL this November 2012.
Any rituals pre-race?  Try not to fall asleep in the car and miss the start.  I get very relaxed the morning of a race.  I am not a lover of early mornings, even though in Memphis, that’s the only time you can comfortably run in the summer.
Do you have any training secrets or tips?  When my head is trying to make excuses why I don’t have time to work out, I go ahead and pretend like I’m listening, but continue to put on my shorts, heart-rate monitor, GPS watch, t-shirt, iPod, headphones, hat, socks and shoes, and before my head even realizes what’s going on, we’re out the door and headed down the street.
Favorite local restaurant…what do you order there?  Automatic Slims on 2nd Ave.  I order just about everything on the menu.  It is absolutely Awesome!!
Favorite local Retail Store:  The clearance racks at Target!!
Gear (if you are runner list shoes, if you are a biker name bike(s))  I rotate through 9 different pairs of Saucony Kinvaras, (assorted colors).  I ride a Genesis 29er.
What does a WW drive?  2007 Nissan Versa, (with a bike rack on the back).
Do you workout to music, if so, what music?  A mix of playlists from the 60’s to current.  I have some Tom Petty to Aerosmith, Johnny Cash to Kenny Chesney and then of course, Taylor Swift, Brooke loves her so I have to love her too.
Bucket List: 
One thing people don’t know about you?  When I was much younger, while living in Nashville, TN, I was a part-time actor/model.  My two big claims to fame are; I was an underwear model for Fruit of the Loom and I was the principle character in a Travis Tritt video, “Sometimes She Forgets.”
Favorite Indulgence or Vice?  Chocolate!!
Your mantra or favorite Quote:  I have two:  Yeah, I have a diet…  It’s called RUNNING! & There will be a day when I can no longer run.  Today is not that day!

So there you go...  Pretty cool huh?  I'll add the picture once I get a copy.

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