Friday, November 11, 2011

A week of running

I ran three times today for a total of 9 miles.  Three miles on the treadmill at The Peabody when I got off work, 1 mile while doing the cardio stress test at Stern, and Nick Stiles and I ran 5 miles on the Germantown Greenway, behind the old Walmart property.  Great Conversation and catching up.  It's amazing how easy a run seems when you are running along side someone.  There doesn't have to be a lot of conversation, but the side by side thing is really easy.  The weather was clear and breezy, so that made it nice too. 

There are 22 days till the St. Jude Marathon.  That's two full weeks of training with high mileage, and then the final week of relaxation leading up to "THE DAY".  I know I've done this before, but not since the Heart Cath / Ablation.  I had the Stress test today so Dr. Otten would have a baseline going into my higher level of performance.  I am really looking forward to this milestone.  More than the first.  ...and then next year, I want to do 3 marathons and an ultra (the distance to be determined based on travel).

For now, 22 days and we'll go from there.  Later! 

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