Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last month of Training leading up to St. Jude Marathon 2011

Last Monday was my biopsy.  Dr. Baker got a higher than desired reading on one of my tests during my physical.  Then Dr. Walzer got a higher than desirable reading on the specialty tests that he ran.  So, just to be overly cautious and thorough, a biopsy was ordered.  Well that came back clear.  So I'm OK!!  But I had to take a couple of days off.  Not really what I wanted to do 6 weeks out from the St. Jude, but hey, not much of a choice.  The week prior was an Awesome week of running, with 54 miles, and another 33 miles on the bike.  I had a 13 miler, a 14 miler, and a 17 miler.  2 3's and a 4 thrown in there for good measure.  My Bike ride was 33miles in one day, Wednesday.  My legs were like rubber after that.

Then came the biopsy on Monday this week.  I felt terrible the rest of the day.  Even though I slept most of the day.  You see I worked the overnight at the hotel 11 PM to 8 AM the night before.  Actually I laid around for two days.  Then on Wednesday I felt pretty good.Just put one foot in front of the other.  Two days of rest did make me feel pretty energetic, I must say.  Wednesday and Thursday I knocked out a 7 miler each day, then Friday and Saturday, 8 miler each day.  All 4 runs were on the TM (treadmill).  I felt the need to be in a controlled environment, having so recently been violated and still experiencing bleeding way out of the ordinary.  I am not going to give anymore details than that.  Suffice to say, I felt comfortable being close to home.

Now it's Sunday morning.  The seventh day following B'Day, as we will call it, and I am wrapping up a 10 hour shift at the hotel.  I am planning on going home, showering, going to church, running to the Martin's after, eating, probably, then FOOTBALL, NASCAR, more FOOTBALL, then maybe get a nap in there somewhere.  I am hoping to finish the week with 40 miles on the road, but I would be happy with 35 given the circumstances.

  Here is a picture taken on the GreenLine last week.  It was 13 miles of my 33 mile bike ride on Wednesday.

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