Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Different Way of Living

So many people worry about things, that in the end, don't really matter.  No body ever lay on their death bed and said, "I wish I spent more time at the office".  At least I've never heard of that happening.  Now that I'm fifty, I feel the need to do more non worrying things.  Just this week I took some time to help my son figure out what his job for the next few years will be in the Marines.  I am so proud of his decision to take a definite direction in his life.  Do I worry?  Of course I think about the risks, but the Lord has a plan for each of us.  Following our hearts in seeking His directions enables us to jump in with faith and the knowledge of His protection for our Eternal selves.  ...and after being so proud of the maturity of his mindset from earlier this week, he and his younger brother came in tonight sounding like to kids.  They were headed upstairs for a night of Xbox and movies.

Twenty one days out from the St. Jude Marathon:  57 miles this week on the bike and running.  Tomorrow will be a long run in the AM when I get off from the hotel.  I have my gear with me and my replenishment stuff. (GU, Shots, Clif Bars and Camel Back).  15 miles minimum.  I'm going to take my camera with me too. 

This is a picture from the National Forest Mary and I hiked in Ashville, NC. 

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