Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Update!!

Zachary is now at Boot Camp.  He wasn't supposed to go until August, but a spot opened and they gave him the option.  He was so excited.  So February 5th he was off.  I have been writing him regularly.  I can not wait to hear back from him.

I started my own 13 week plan on the 5th as well.  February will be mostly running and interval workouts, (LOVE IT!!), and then on March 5th, the return date from Tampa, I am running a 15K on Saturday and a 1/2 Marathon on Sunday, I will start P90X.  By the time we go to Zachary's graduation from Boot Camp I will be at my best shape ever, and ready to start training for the fall race season, which this year will, hopefully, conclude with the Live Oak 100M in Titusville, FL

Well, halfway through February and I am on plan.  This week and next it's run / interval / run / interval / run / interval / Rest days, starting with Monday, and it feels pretty strong so far.  Today is Thursday...  I'm off to do intervals now.

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