Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas in Arlington

Well this is a fine way to start our blog. 

Christmas 2010! 

Now 3 months into our new home and we get to celebrate Christmas for the first time in Arlington.  The town square was a lit up in Blue lights for the season.  One Saturday afternoon we took a stroll through the shops, did some exploring, ate at Brendalays, (we liked it a lot), ...oh yea, and found the most Awesome of Christmas trees.  This is our third Christmas together, as a family, and the surprises were not lacking. 

First, Brooke and Ernest have announced their engagement, (The date is way off in the future).  It was sort of a surprise but we all knew it was coming eventually.  She can show you the ROCK if you want.  Maybe check out her FB. 

Zachary got a New (used) car.  Mary found an awesome little used car on the SJ Board.  We really think he likes it, he just rarely around to ask him.  He and Alec are enjoying some new found freedom of movement.  Alec got all that he asked for, except for the sinus infection that has knocked him out, rather hard, I must say. 

It was Caroline's first Christmas and she and Miracle seemed to really enjoy all the festivities.  Although Caroline sleeps A LOT, she did raise an eyelid for several photo ops.  this was one of the more exceptional.  But they are all cute.  Just go to Mary's FB to see more.

Mary and I couldn't ask for much more than the joy shared in celebrating Christmas together, the Martins, the Watsons and the Reynolds are doing an awesome job of FAMILY.

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